The beginner’s guide to home DIY

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If you are new to the world of home renovation and eager to dip your toe in, it is likely you will skip a few important steps. Before you throw yourself into the deep end, we want you to make sure you follow these key steps to ensure you are ready for your big project! […]

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How to Choose the Best Smart Home Security System

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Watch out typical burglar alarm, you’ve got competition! With a new wave of smart home security systems hitting the market, the standard burglar alarm just doesn’t cut it these days. These new contenders combine many features of a traditional burglar alarm with the ability to monitor, control and interact with your home using a smartphone […]

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Top Tips for Lighting your Garden

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With the correct outdoor lighting, your garden can be transformed into an ideal area for multiple purposes, bringing the exterior of your home to life. However, outdoor lighting often needs a lot more planning and creativity than you may assume. From stylish and energy-efficient, solar-powered lighting to smart systems that can be controlled remotely, there […]

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The Benefits of Security Lighting

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There is little doubt that one of the best ways to keeping any property protected is with the installation of outdoor security lighting. While it used to be that only commercial properties used this method to keep thieves away, many households have taken on this approach to keep their home safe. This is because of […]

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The Best Smart Bulbs for Alexa: Aurora AOne

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Aurora has recently released its first, innovative and vast range of “smart inside” products. These offer a range of options to help you create your smart home or smart commercial property. With 30 lighting solutions to choose from, you can have your cake and eat it too. With the Gooee Smart Space Hub, you can […]

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More Products for a Smart Home

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We are in an age where technology is moving at lightning speed. Due to this, many homes are quickly becoming outdated. However, this can be easily avoided. With so many smart products to choose from, you could create a smart home that benefits the entire family. […]

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