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If you are new to the world of home renovation and eager to dip your toe in, it is likely you will skip a few important steps. Before you throw yourself into the deep end, we want you to make sure you follow these key steps to ensure you are ready for your big project!

Invest in good quality tools and equipment for your home DIY

There are some instances where you can get away with cheaper tools. Any old flathead screwdriver can help remove a few screws here and there. However, you will find that in many instances, opting for better quality tools can have a huge impact in not only the finished results but the efficiency of the work you need to do. You may not be entirely sure of what tools are “better quality”, but that’s why we are here. At ABM, we will take the time to discuss your project to help you find the best electrical tools and items for your home.

Don’t start work until you have all your materials

It is extremely common for people to get stuck in without seriously considering what it is they may need to get the job done. You may believe that buying in advance will leave you with a pile of materials that simply get in the way until it’s time to use them. This can be true but believe us when we say it’s much better to have your items take up temporary space than to dash about last-minute because you need this, that and the other. In some instances, you could find yourself taking things apart to determine what you will need to buy next. It’s much easier to plan everything out in advance and do one big shopping trip.

Design before you install

We get it, you know what you want, but sometimes you don’t know where they should go. With electrical wiring, you will always plan ahead, but you may not realise how many things you want in a certain place until it’s too late. Take your plug sockets, for example. Yes, you want some placed in a specific corner. But how many will you need? What will they be used for? For optimal electrical design, plan EVERYTHING from top to bottom to ensure you haven’t left yourself short later on.

Use a DIY notebook

If you’re not one for taking notes, now is the time to change that. Scribble down your measurements, designs and more in this one book to ensure you never lose any plans. Don’t forget to add the date and the project time in case you end up redesigning. You don’t want to accidentally follow the wrong plan!

Getting more for your money

If you want to stretch your money further, you need the right products. Talking to an expert at ABM will give you peace of mind about the products you choose. We understand that no two projects are the same and that your wants and needs go hand-in-hand. From designer lighting to simple wiring, we are here to guide you through your electrical design process.

Safety first

This should go without saying, but it is extremely important to keep yourself as safe as possible. Invest in protective gear, have a professional install electrical items for you when necessary and carry out all the required assessments before you get started.

Talk to ABM Electrical Wholesalers today

If you are ready to get started on your home DIY project, then look no further than ABM Electrical Wholesalers to guide you through the products you will need for your home electrics. To find out more, get in touch.

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