Lighting Fixtures for Kitchens: Size and placement

kitchen light fixtures

In the second part of our Kitchen Light Fixtures series, we shall discuss how you can place your lighting correctly. We shall also look at the best sizes for the size of your kitchen space.

Lighting Fixtures for Kitchens: Size and placement

The size of the kitchen light fixtures you choose should be dependent on how many fixtures you plan to install, as well as the size and layout of the kitchen itself. If your kitchen is an open space that connects to other rooms, you may want to think about how you can implement the style into the space for a seamless flow.

Working with different sizes

For smaller kitchens, it is best to stick with small fixtures or low-profile options such as recessed lamps. You may need no more than a couple of ceiling lamps, unless you choose recessed track lighting. If you’re not sure what you need, ABM is happy to have a chat to discuss your options!

For larger kitchens, you may want to think about adding a statement piece, with small and subtle complementary features to brighten the room. Consider recessed lamps or cove lighting but be sure to avoid flush-mount lamps as they will not have much effect on the room.

Over the kitchen table

For the kitchen table, you can have something large in size as long as it hangs at the right height. 35 to 40 inches above the top of the table should be an ideal size to brighten the space without blocking views.

Over kitchen islands

Long pendants are great for utilising vertical space without interrupting your kitchen flow. They are ideal for your kitchen island as they can highlight the area as a place of focus. This means you can meal prep, study, or even socialise in this space with this multifunctional lighting option.

Small, busy spaces

In busy spaces, slow profile fixtures such as track and recessed lighting, or spotlights under cabinetry can help declutter the space, open things up and make things easy to navigate.


The final thing to consider is how the fixture will affect the atmosphere of your kitchen. The material you choose, the shape and the size are just a few things that will affect how the lighting shines in your kitchen. Would you like to create a warm and welcoming environment, or would you like it to be strictly for meal prep and focus? Think about the style you want to create and plan your lighting design around this.

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