How to Choose the Best Smart Home Security System

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Watch out typical burglar alarm, you’ve got competition! With a new wave of smart home security systems hitting the market, the standard burglar alarm just doesn’t cut it these days. These new contenders combine many features of a traditional burglar alarm with the ability to monitor, control and interact with your home using a smartphone or tablet.

What is a Smart Home Security System?

A smart home security system is made up of a set of security gadgets that are connected to one another online. This often includes a mix of wireless security cameras, motion detectors, door locks and sensors that can detect when a window or door has been opened. What you get can depend on the kit style and the brand that you choose. However, most manufacturers offer a variety of kits and give you the option to purchase other compatible gadgets separately.

How does a Smart Home Security System Work?

All smart home security systems are driven by a central “hub” which is connected online, communicating with your smartphone/tablet app and other components of the system. You can receive alerts and receive media from your security camera. In some instances, you can even control areas of the home, such as lighting or other appliances.

More than Just Security

Depending on the type of home security system you choose, you can get more function for your investment. Some come with baby monitoring features, others come with moisture sensors to alert you about floods or leaks. You may even be able to program how you want your smart gadgets to respond when triggered.

Some can even be used to monitor the comings and goings of loved ones and pets with a personal tag attached to either a key ring, wallet or collar. These will alert you when someone leaves the house unexpectedly and is handy for those with vulnerable relatives. Or, you can be alerted when a vulnerable person doesn’t move for a certain period. If you’re looking for a monitoring system with this in mind, be sure to consider telecare and GPS tracking.

The Costs

A home security system can start from £295+ Vat, but you will need to pay more to cover an entire property and your specific needs. If you need motion detectors, expect to pay around £500-600 for a 2-bed property. If you want multiple wireless security cameras or sensors on all doors or windows, the price will likely go up.

A System that Detects Burglars

Be sure to choose a smart home security system that will help you prevent burglaries. Most burglars will actively avoid properties with alarm systems, but they must be aware that it is present. You can often display a warning with either an outdoor siren or dummy siren.

Wi-Fi Range

Smart home hubs communicate with other security system elements via a wireless connection. If you’re struggling to get the wi-fi to work on your smartphone or tablet, some systems may have the same issue. Each system has an indoor range between 20-50 metres, so be sure to check the coverage before you buy.

Power Cuts

If you don’t wish to risk a power cut, you may want to consider one with a battery back-up. This can be as simple as using AA batteries, or it could come with its own special battery. The advantage of a battery back-up is that you can relax knowing there will be no disruption to your power supply as there will still be some functionality. Its ability will depend on what product you choose and whether the connected gadgets also have pack-ups.

Other things to Consider

  • Check that your phone is completable with the security system
  • Consider its compatibility with third-party gadgets
  • Some brands use systems such as Z-Wave, which enables you to connect multiple brands

Will a Smart Home Security System make your home feel Safer?

Though they can play a huge role in home security, there are still things you will need to consider if you only invest in the most basic options:

  • Buying an extra door or window motion sensor
  • Adding a clear deterrent such as a dummy alarm

Smart Home Security or a Burglar Alarm?

You need to invest in both if you want to protect your home as much as possible. The good news is that you don’t need to hire a tradesperson for installation as smart home security systems are usually offered with self-installation. However, the downside is that you could potentially install them in areas that are not useful.

Traditional burglar alarms are not only manufactured to meet security standards, but professional installation eliminates the risk of an intruder sneaking in. Be aware, you may need to pay for them to be monitored, but it’s a worthy investment if you wish to stay safe.

Talk to ABM for your Smart Home Security Needs

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