Wholesale Electrical Products

From smart home technology to wiring accessories, our wholesale electrical products cover a vast range of needs. Here we have just a few product categories in which can find what you’re looking for. To find out more about what we offer, take a look at our IBA catalogue.

We understand that many products, though similar, are different for each job. We are more than happy to answer any questions and provide advice if you are not sure what product is best for you.

Smart Home and Technology

As technology advances, so do many home needs. We can provide you with the best innovative technologies for the home. From security to heaters, there are plenty of smart home solutions to choose from.

Cable and Accessories

Cables are what bring home electrics to life. Without the correct cable and accessories for your needs, you cannot build a home with functioning electrics. We offer a range of cable products from a variety of brands.

Wiring Accessories

Clicking a switch is as easy as snapping your fingers! With a wide selection of switches, sockets and more, choosing your wiring accessories has never been easier.

Circuit Protection and Control Gear

Safety first! With our range of circuit protection and switchboards, you’re always in control. We can provide you with a product for every electrical safety requirement.

Security and Door Entry

From fire safety to security, it is imperative that all buildings have the correct security and door entry. Each establishment comes with different requirements, which is why we have plenty of options for your security needs.

Space and Water Heating

Utilities are essential for any building. We supply a wide selection of hand dryers, hand washing and other water solutions for your utility needs. We also offer radiator and heating solutions!


Without good ventilation, a building can become stuffy. This can lead to damp and mould, which could risk illness for residents or visitors. Check out our available selection of ventilation solutions!

PVC and Steel Cable Management

Though cables are essential, they’re not usually something you want on show. Our range of PVC and steel cable management solutions can ensure that all wires and cables are neatly tucked away!

Lamps and Tubes

It’s not just about lamps, it’s about having the correct lamps in the correct space. Our selection of lamps and tubes are designed for a multitude of purposes. You will never struggle with creating the right ambience again.


Keep rooms bright with our range of office and outdoor lighting. From industrial to decorative, you can never be stuck for choice with our products.

Tools and Test Equipment

Whatever the project, you need the right tools for the job. We offer a wide range of tools and test equipment to ensure that you can remain efficient.