How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

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Having time to unwind is a necessity these days, especially if you live an incredibly busy life. If we dedicate areas in the home for peace and quiet, it can help prevent burnout. A reading nook is a fantastic solution. It’s a place where you can completely shut off from the rest of the world […]

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Garden Lighting with AOne Smart Control

smart outdoor lighting systems abm electrical wholesalers

Lighting can do wonders to a garden. It isn’t just something you buy to help yourself see better at night. The right lighting can help create specific moods and serve different purposes for different occasions. What’s more, they can provide extra security, which can help keep home insurance costs down. But whatever reason you have […]

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Choosing the Right Water Heating Products

domestic water heating systems abm electrical wholesalers kitchen

Choosing the right water heating products for any property, whether it be domestic or commercial, can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall efficiency and cost savings. If you’re looking for the best products for your project, but are not sure where to start, we can help. Here are the most popular […]

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Tips for Lighting a Dining Room with Pendant Lights

Lighting is such an essential aspect of creating the perfect dining experience in the home. Commonly used during evening hours, adding a flare of drama and intimacy can drastically transform the overall atmosphere. Pendant lighting is a great way to help set the mood. Here are some tips for lighting a dining room with pendant […]

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A Warm Welcome: How to Lighten your Hallway

The hallway is the first thing people see when they walk into your home. And believe it or not, it can say a lot about the home you keep. A dimly lit hallway can appear closed off, cramped and somewhat unwelcoming. This is why it’s important to make sure you brighten the space to give […]

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Bedroom Lighting: How to Light a Modern Bedroom

modern bedroom lighting abm electrical wholesalers

Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is probably the one that is used most during darker hours. So, getting the lighting design right is essential to making it a welcoming and relaxing place to be. This week, we have put together a handy lighting guide that will ensure you light your bedroom […]

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Where should I add more Kitchen Lighting?

glass lighting uk from abm electrical wholesalers

So, you’re renovating your home and you’re starting with the most important room, the kitchen. Now, we may not be experts on kitchen design, but we can certainly offer some fantastic advice on your lighting choices. And we’re not just talking about what lights you should go for either. Where you place your lighting can […]

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