Top Tips for Lighting your Garden

With the correct outdoor lighting, your garden can be transformed into an ideal area for multiple purposes, bringing the exterior of your home to life. However, outdoor lighting often needs a lot more planning and creativity than you may assume. From stylish and energy-efficient, solar-powered lighting to smart systems that can be controlled remotely, there […]

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The Benefits of Security Lighting

There is little doubt that one of the best ways to keeping any property protected is with the installation of outdoor security lighting. While it used to be that only commercial properties used this method to keep thieves away, many households have taken on this approach to keep their home safe. This is because of […]

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The Best Smart Bulbs for Alexa: Aurora AOne

Aurora has recently released its first, innovative and vast range of “smart inside” products. These offer a range of options to help you create your smart home or smart commercial property. With 30 lighting solutions to choose from, you can have your cake and eat it too. With the Gooee Smart Space Hub, you can […]

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Going Smart in 2019

Smart home technology is getting more and more popular each day. Thanks to developments such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home Hub, everyone wants to make their home as smart as possible. From bathroom appliances to high-tech security systems, smart tech is becoming a huge part of our everyday lives. […]

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Make your home Eco-Friendly in 2019

With simple updates and the latest in renewable technology making its way into our lives, going eco-friendly in the home has never been easier. If you want to start the new year with a green transformation, knowing where to start can be somewhat confusing. Not to worry, we have some basic areas to help get […]

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11 Lighting Design Tips to make your Look like an Expert

When thinking about home renovation and interior design, many individuals overlook a certain aspect. However, this element is one of the key ingredients to completely transforming the entire environment. We are talking, of course, about lighting design. With the right approach to how you design your lighting, your room can look completely different. This week, […]

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ABM Electrical at LuxLive 2018

Last week, Daniel Ashworth of ABM electrical made his way down to London for LuxLive 2018. He returned with bounds of knowledge and inspiration for our lighting products. On the surface, lighting may not seem like such an innovative field. However, LuxLive demonstrates the wide range of benefits these new technologies can bring to commercial […]

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Apprenticeships at ABM Electrical

ABM Electrical has been featured Electrical Distributors Association (EDA)! If you weren’t aware, we work with many apprentices to expand our talent pool. We believe that an apprenticeship is one of the best routes to take for gaining qualifications in the sector. It’s also a great path for employers who are looking to expand their […]

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