Welcome to ABM Electrical

ABM Electrical Wholesale Ltd is an independent and family run, local wholesaler in Stockport. Our focus has always been to have a happy working environment. We also wish to offer a bespoke wholesale service to all of our clients. This unique service is what has helped us to become a thriving business over the last sixteen years. The Ashworth family has been running ABM for two generations, bringing great stability to the business. Our team of fourteen comprises of dedicated sales and administrative staff. What’s more, we have recently started to develop a new generation of staff members via the EDA Apprenticeship Plus training programme.

We constantly strive to offer something new to our clients. By working with the EDA, we can expand our scope, from training and apprenticeships to having a close connection to the industry. We love what we do and are always keen to show our customers what services they could provide for their clients. We understand that the industry moves fast and requires a flexible and instant response. This is why we can offer same day deliveries and over 7,500 high-quality products.

Building a long-term relationship with customers and suppliers is essential to our business. We have proven this bond by building a portfolio of over one hundred customers standing by our services for over a ten year period. This is all thanks to our decision to join the Independent Buyers Association (IBA). ABM can now bring industry-leading suppliers directly to your business. The future is looking bright for ABM, with plans to expand across the North West and offer this unique service to more customers. This includes both industry professionals and individuals working on home improvement projects.