The Best Smart Bulbs for Alexa: Aurora AOne

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Aurora has recently released its first, innovative and vast range of “smart inside” products. These offer a range of options to help you create your smart home or smart commercial property. With 30 lighting solutions to choose from, you can have your cake and eat it too. With the Gooee Smart Space Hub, you can connect your choice of lighting to a range of devices, including Alexa!

Take Control with the Best Smart Bulbs for Alexa

Aone gives you full control of your lighting spaces via handheld devices or Alexa. It provides users with an affordable smart lighting control solution and offers energy saving and security benefits. Take control from anywhere, including dimming, scene and scheduling functions. The app allows account sharing amongst many users through a simple command!

The Benefits:

  • Retrofit using existing wiring
  • Up to 320W circuit load per dimmer
  • Fast & hassle-free installation
  • Circuit controllable, intelligent luminaires
  • Extremely affordable Installer ‘hand-over’ configuration
  • Commercial-grade security
  • Control from anywhere Multi-user control
  • Online or Offline, responsive in-home lighting control
  • Control individually or as groups (requires multiple Control units)
  • False occupancy to secure your home Scene scheduling (coming soon)
  • Designed with lighting in mind

Using the Aurora AOne

Get started by selecting the “Enable Skill” button in the Alexa app to link your Aurora AOne account and say “Alexa, discover Devices”. You will have the ability to control and dim any of your Aurora smart bulbs that have previously been set up and pairs using the AOne app.

Device Control

You have full control of switching your devices on or off using Alexa voice command. For example, you could simply say “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights,” and it will do just that! You can also have full control over the brightness of your smart bulbs. This can be done by simply saying something along the lines of “Alexa, dim kitchen to 50 per cent”.


Please note that Gooee is the Aurora AOne platform provider. Aurora uses this platform to manage your account and control access to your system. If you choose to disable a skill, it is important that you clear the cache of your browser before re-enabling it. This will ensure that you can enter the correct user credentials.

Smart Solutions to connect over 900 Enlite Products

If you would like to enable smart lighting throughout spaces that have non-smart fixtures, no problem! You can Make Smart with AOne Control. This enables control of over 900 Enlite products! Using any of the AOne inline dimmers or on/off relay, the installation between the switch and first light can now make the circuits smart!

Learn more about Aurora AOne by Speaking to ABM Electrical

There is simply so much you can do with AOne and Alexa! If you would like to learn more about Aurora and how it can benefit your property, get in touch with ABM Electrical today.

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