The best lighting for your commercial property

best commercial lighting

Lighting is a crucial thing to consider when it comes to your commercial property. LED lighting can do wonders for your business in many aspects, from saving money on energy to boosting staff productivity. This week, we will discuss the best lighting for your commercial property and how to plan accordingly.

The best lighting for your commercial property: Choose LED

LED is the most energy-efficient choice for bringing your commercial property better lighting. You will make drastic savings on your energy bill, but it is capable of so much more!

A great benefit of LED lighting is the ability to choose the temperature. Cool whites and daylight colours would be ideal for commercial premises. This is because the brightness will keep shoppers alert, lifting their mood and could even encourage them to spend more time in your store! Additionally, the right lighting can keep spirits high for your staff, boosting motivation and productivity.

Another reason to choose these lighting shades is that if you are selling things such as clothing or jewellery, the light will show true colours and sparkle. LED lighting provides high-quality lighting and have a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI). This means that they are better for seeing true colours and objects.

What’s more, according to research, lighting with a high CRI create light that is flattering to customers. This makes them feel more comfortable in the clothes they try on. As most LEDs come with a high CRI, manufacturers rarely mention this in the description. So, don’t worry if you cannot find a CRI rating, the quality of light will still be high.

Although the colour of Daylight and Cool White is bright, it can help to implement dimming to help create a calm, relaxing environment. This can come in handy if you find that the bright lighting is too daunting for shoppers, particularly towards the end of the day. What’s more, it’s a great way to draw attention to the products you want to showcase.

To further highlight specific products in your store, you may want to consider spotlights for displays. This will way of layering lighting will draw eyes to specific products you wish to promote. Spotlights work especially well for highlighting your sale items!

Find the perfect lighting for your commercial property with ABM

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best commercial lighting

The best lighting for your commercial property

Lighting is a crucial thing to consider when it comes to your commercial property. LED…