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We are in an age where technology is moving at lightning speed. Due to this, many homes are quickly becoming outdated. However, this can be easily avoided. With so many smart products to choose from, you could create a smart home that benefits the entire family.

Creating a Smart Home

From cleaning aids to smart locks, there are many smart home products that can transform your home. Which of these will you try?

Smart Door Locks

Imagine having many ways in which you can open your front door, with none of these methods involving your keys. Well, it looks like that’s a world we should expect to live in very soon. Everest is now making composite doors with advanced Yale locks. These doors can be opened with the use of a keycard, key tag, mobile tag or mobile phone virtual key. The majority of smart door locks are supplied in a wide range of designs and colours. This is so that they can fit seamlessly into the design of your home.

Smart Thermostat

Staying warm is something everyone wants for their home, but the bills that come with this need can certainly put a dent in your bank balance. With smart thermostats such as Drayton’s Wiser device, you are in the position to control the temperature in your home. This can be done with a simple app and can be done from anywhere in the world. Some apps even allow you to have control over the schedule and heating for individual rooms. This will allow you to keep your bedroom is toasty and warm for that lazy night in you’ve been looking forward to.

Robot Hoovers

Robotic hoovers may not be a new product, but modern technology means that they are advancing at warp speed. With products like the Ecovacs Deebot, you can schedule the hoover to clean while you’re at work or on the go. These hoovers use a navigation system to make note of different surfaces to mop and vacuum accordingly. What’s more, some models even work with voice assistants such as the Amazon Echo, making cleaning easier than ever!

Air Quality Monitors

More people are thinking about going green and reducing as much air pollution as possible. Therefore, it isn’t a shock to see that people are beginning to question the quality of their air at home. From dust mites to candle fumes, there are many things in the home that can contribute to changing the quality of your air. Luckily, an air quality monitor can be just the thing you need to amend this issue. Foobot is designed to recognise the activity and chemicals in your home that could be causing bad air quality. Then, you can receive tips on how to avoid them in the future. It’s certainly a nifty tool to create a greener home.

Smart surveillance

Whether you need to keep an eye on your baby or four-legged friend, video monitors are essential. With monitors such as the YI Dome camera, you can record in 1080p. What’s more, it comes with a detector for when your baby cries and motion detection that will send alerts to your home. With the night vision feature, you can record in the dark, meaning you don’t disturb anyone with light pollution. What’s more, the anti-noise filter allows you to see a crystal-clear two-way audio experience. Some devices, such as Pawbo+, allow you to dispense treats to your pet via the app. What a great way to keep your pups happy while you’re away?

Smart Smoke Detectors

Devices such as the Nest smoke alarm alert your phone if smoke is detected in the home. On top of that, you can silence the alarm remotely if it’s nothing to worry about. It offers a suggestion as to where the smoke may be coming from and what could be causing it.

Self-watering Planter

Hands up if you forget to water your plants far too often! Don’t worry, there’s now a gadget to prevent this from happening ever again. Self-watering plant pots such as a YULA from LECHUZA come with a water indicator. It is designed to tell you exactly when your plants need topping up with water or fertiliser.

Self-levelling Lights

DIR has never been easier thanks to self-levelling cross line lasers like the Bosch Quigo. For anyone who would like to create a gallery wall in their home, this is the perfect tool. It projects a laser that is 100 per cent straight and allows for the easy alignment of any drilling positions required for hanging a frame.

So, which is your Favourite?

With so many products making their way into the market, it can be hard choosing which works for you. However, we do hope this post helped you get a better idea of what you may want. When you know what you need, or could do with some more help deciding, come to ABM Electrical. Our team can assist with all your smart tech needs, meaning you can be sure you will go home with the right product. Get in touch to find out more.

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