How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

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Having time to unwind is a necessity these days, especially if you live an incredibly busy life. If we dedicate areas in the home for peace and quiet, it can help prevent burnout. A reading nook is a fantastic solution. It’s a place where you can completely shut off from the rest of the world and take a break.

Create the Perfect Reading Nook

But what makes the perfect reading nook? Comfort, warmth and cosiness are just three words that can describe the kind of reading nook you will likely desire. However, you need to think about the things that are personal to you, whether it be a thick blanket, a small table with books, warm, soft lamps or a spotlight for focus. Here are some home reading nook ideas to get you started

Think about gadgets

A cosy reading nook does not always mean you need to switch off all technology. Some people design reading nooks with multiple purpose, such as creating a space to catch up on their favourite shows on their tablet devices. This is why you need to consider any gadgets you intend to use in this space and think about whether you will need charging ports or other outlets.

Incorporate Soft Materials

Nothing can help you relax more than a chair to sink into. The comfier and cosier the better, and don’t forget to add a thick blanket and fluffy cushions. When the days get colder, you will be grateful to have these extra elements to wrap around yourself.

Create a Reading Nook for Two

Do you prefer to enjoy your quiet time with your significant other? If so, a loveseat is the perfect seating option for your reading nook. Again, add thick, soft materials for added comfort.

Include a Bookshelf

What is a reading nook with nothing to read? It’s important to think about adding storage for your literature if you like things old school and don’t rely on a Kindle. Adding a bookshelf, even a small one, will ensure your books are waiting for you the moment you sit down to relax.

Make It a Spot for Impromptu Naps

As mentioned, a reading nook can serve multiple uses, and reading can certainly help a person nod off. If you find yourself tired after a good book, you may want to consider choosing seating that can also double as napping space. Consider a chaise lounge or, again, a love seat, as they both provide space to stretch your legs.

Think about lighting

You can choose all the best materials and storage options for your reading nook, but it won’t be complete without the correct lighting. There are two main lighting needs here: lighting for reading and lighting for unwinding. Warm tones are ideal for the end of the day as they help release melatonin, which is needed to sleep better at night. For focused reading, however, you may want to consider a spotlight as well. Think about the design you have in mind and plan your lighting around that.

Add Houseplants

It has been scientifically proven that plants can do wonders to our mental health. Adding them to your reading nook can help create a positive environment which you will fully enjoy at the end of each day. Just remember, if you do add plants, you need to think about where your nook is placed as this will determine the type of plants you should buy.

Let ABM help you create your perfect reading nook

When you know what kind of reading nook you want, it’s time to put it together. We highly recommend you start with planning your electrics such as lighting and outlets as these will be more complex than adding furniture and throws. If you’re not sure what products you need, ABM can help. Get in touch to learn about our products and services.

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