Choosing the Right Water Heating Products

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Choosing the right water heating products for any property, whether it be domestic or commercial, can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall efficiency and cost savings. If you’re looking for the best products for your project, but are not sure where to start, we can help. Here are the most popular types of water heaters, plus a little bit of installation guidance.

Vented water heaters for the workplace

Vented water heaters are easy to install and are quite economical. What’s more, they only require a cold-water feed and mains electricity for operation. In many cases, they are needed in situations where there is little or no hot water storage nearby. Vented water heaters do not require expansion vessels or pressure relief valves. Instead, they connect directly to the cold-water supply while they heat and store cold water ready for when needed.

Vented water heaters are suitable for both commercial and domestic environments. However, they are well-suited for installation in workplaces, offices, portable buildings and factories. They can be fitted either over or under the sink. If installed under the sink, special vented taps are required.

Unvented Water Heaters

Unvented water heaters are great for situations where there is more than one outlet or multi-sink capability is required. They operate on a pressurised system that feeds directly from the cold mains water feed and can bring hot water at mains pressure. This can positively affect the performance of showers and baths. Unvented water heaters are perfect for public washrooms, student accommodation and domestic premises that lack a nearby central hot water system.

When these types of heaters are installed, you can enjoy high-flow rates and a balanced hot/cold water supply that can be used with standard taps. Unvented water heaters come with a range of safety mechanisms. This includes pressure relief valves and twin thermostats.

Instantaneous Water Heaters

Instantaneous water heaters are quite economical to run. When compared to vented and unvented water heaters, they do not store hot water. Instead, they heat on demand, meaning they require a cold-water feed. They deliver water directly at the point of use and are A-rated for energy efficiency, as heat losses are virtually eliminated.

Boiling Water Units

If you’re done with waiting for the kettle to boil, then a boiling water unit is your top choice. Providing anything from 18 to 240 cups at a time, boiling water units save energy by using only the water that you need. They’re great for any commercial environment and are even gaining popularity with domestic properties.

Find the best water heating products with ABM Electrical

With such a vast range of water heating products to choose from, ABM Electrical Wholesale Ltd can help you find the best product for your project. If you’d like to learn more about the products we offer, get in touch and speak to a member of our team.

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