How to brighten dark corners of a room

how to brighten up a room abm electrical whoelsalers blog

Lighting the home is a big task. Though it may seem like a top light in each room is enough, there are many lighting styles and layering forms that can completely change how a room looks. Certain areas of a room, however, require more lighting than others. We are talking, of course, about the dark […]

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Keep Warm While Reducing Energy over Winter

reduce energy costs in your home abm electrical wholesalers

It’s that wonderful time of year! The leaves are falling, our days are getting shorter and there’s a chill in the air. Some of you may have already reached for the thermostat, but what about those bills? Using energy doesn’t come cheap, and we can’t ignore the impact it has on our planet. There are […]

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How to light your home during winter

After a long, enjoyable summer, we are finally preparing for falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and woolly jumpers. Something else we will be met with is shorter days, which is why making the most out of the light we have access to is imperative for keeping a cosy home. But how can you light your […]

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How to Choose Lighting for your Colour Scheme

choosing lighting for your home

The lighting we choose in our homes can have a huge impact on the way we perceive colour. This is because it is created by the way objects react to specific wavelengths of light and is known as metamerism. No colour is truly definite as any type of light can affect our perception. When considering […]

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