Adding Value to Your Home with the Perfect Lighting

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If you are trying to sell your home, it’s important to learn that the most important feature, in terms of aesthetics at least, is good lighting. Whenever people view your home, it will be the first thing they comment on. There are many reasons why lighting plays a crucial role in adding value to your home, such as making the property feel bigger and brighter.

Adding value to your home with lighting

Most homeowners have a ceiling light in each room. And while it’s great to place a large amount of light in one area, it doesn’t offer depth, shape, mood or atmosphere. From task lighting to sconces, there are many ways in which you can reshape your lighting. For example, wall lights will brighten up any shadows cast on the walls, and downlighters or lamps will offer focus on areas you may want your visitors to notice. Lamps are especially good if you want to move your furniture around during the selling process.


It may be tempting to add spotlights, but we would advise against it. They work well when fitted, but if you’re selling, it is a hefty investment to make in order to boost the value. LED lights are a much better choice. Place them in smaller areas such as cupboards under the stairs, fitted wardrobes, the bathroom and more.


Speaking of the bathroom, we must remind you to consult an electrician to check your building regulations and compliance before changing the lighting. Each light has an ingress protection (IP) rating which will indicate its suitability in different areas of the room. The higher the IP rating, the more protection the light will provide.


If you can only afford to update a few rooms, the hallway is a must. After all, it’s the first place that people will see when they step inside your home. Pendant lights are great for high ceilings, but you may also benefit from sconces.


If you make even the smallest upgrades to your lighting while selling your home, you will notice the significant difference it will make. Once you step away from using a single lighting style for each room, you will understand the importance of layering, and your visitors will certainly see more value in your home.

Add value to your home with lighting from ABM

If you would like to upgrade your lighting to add value your home in the Stockport and Greater Manchester area, then look no further. At ABM Electrical Wholesale, we offer an abundance of lighting options that will benefit your home. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, then get in touch to speak to a member of our team.

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