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Track lighting systems (UK) are systems that arrange lights along a track. Within this track, you will find exposed electrical wiring, which is connected to metal plates that are used to power the lights. Thanks to the metal plates, the lights can be separately moved anywhere along the track. What’s more, lights can also be added or removed at any time depending on the lighting mood you wish to set in your home. Typically, track lights have a straight back, which can be fixed together to form different patterns.

Benefits of track lighting

Track lighting is an extremely popular choice, and we can see why! Thanks to its versatile and adaptable nature, you can switch things up instantly to suit any upgrade you make on your home!

Here are some other benefits of track lighting:

  • Easy to install
  • Customizable
  • Energy efficient
  • Affordable
  • If compatible, you can change the lights to reflect whatever style you choose for your home.
  • The lights can be easily moved to suit your furniture arrangements

Track lighting styles

There are a few different track lighting options to choose from. If you’re not sure which is best for your home, here is a breakdown to help you determine what they may look like in your home.


Standard track lighting screws into the ceiling, allowing easy installation. They can come in a range of fixed shapes such as straight, L, T and H.


Monorail tracks are sleek, slender rails that hang just below the ceiling. They are supported by small rods, known as standoffs, and are also flexible enough to be configured into different shapes.


Cable track lighting is formed from two conductive wires that hold the light fixtures between them like the rungs of a ladder. This is the perfect choice for homes that may not be suitable for track lighting as they can be mounted on walls with turnbuckles instead.

Lighting styles

And just like the tracks themselves, you can choose from different lighting styles!

​Track heads

Track heads are small lighting fixtures that hang close to the track, sending the light into specific directions. This is a suitable choice for those who require accent or task lighting. Track heads include spotlights and wall washer lights.

Track pendants

If you want to set the mood, you may prefer track pendants. These provide good ambience and are more ornamental than track heads. We would highly recommend considering these for dining lighting.

Other things to consider


Track lighting is available in low voltage 12V and mains 240V. Low voltage track offers energy efficiency but will require a transformer. This can cost more and installation will be slightly more complex.


The majority of track lighting operates on a single circuit. This means that each light on the track is operated simultaneously. Some systems can have additional circuits to allow different lights to be switched on and off independently with separate switches. This is something to consider if you want customisable lighting.

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