The Impact of Garden Lighting: What can we do?

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Whether you’re green-fingered or you want to create a cosy atmosphere all year in your garden, the perfect lighting can help set the scene. However, the impact of garden lighting on your neighbours and on wildlife is something you should always keep in mind. Whether you choose to add decorative or practical lighting, here are some things to consider.


Adding lighting outdoors can be quite dangerous if not done correctly, particularly given how dark it is during winter. The IP rating of your fixtures and lightbulbs must be accurate to ensure no water or dirt can get inside them. You will also want to keep wires or electrical components tucked away in safe spaces so that they don’t pose a risk as you walk through your garden.

Impact on your neighbours

Too much lighting, or lighting that is incorrectly placed, can be a disturbance in the eyes of your neighbours. If the lighting is too distracting, they are within their right to complain to your local council, forcing you to remove them. Be wise when buying your garden lighting to avoid neighbourly drama.

Impact on wildlife

Artificial lighting in gardens usually interrupts natural behaviour for some wildlife. Therefore, it may be wise to keep some areas dark. Nocturnal insects partly navigate by natural light sources such as the moon. Artificial light can confuse them and reduce their energy and efficiency as nocturnal pollinators.

When choosing security lights, be aware that they may temporarily blind or attract some animals, such as frogs. You could also disturb sleeping birds with sudden light, causing them to start singing before dawn.

Even worse, your garden lighting could disrupt the breeding cycle of local animals. This is why it is important to think about where you should add your lighting in a way that will not affect wildlife as much.

Impact on plants

Light helps plants to photosynthesize and create energy for survival. However, this does not mean to say that they cannot be negatively affected by artificial light. Studies have shown that too much extra low-level lighting could be detrimental to certain types of plant life.

Add light to your garden wisely with help from ABM

With all these elements to consider for your garden lighting, you may not know the best plan of action. Luckily, ABM is here to help. With a team of experts ready to offer advice, get in touch to see how our products can light your garden wisely.

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