The Best Ceiling Lights for your Home: A beginner’s guide

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When you think it’s time to find new ceiling lights for your home, there are many things to consider. From style to height recommendations, choosing the best ceiling lights can be a tricky subject if you don’t go about it the right way. There are many diverse products available, which means that with the correct planning, you can find lighting that will suit your style while offering the functions you require.

The best ceiling lights: different types available

Generally speaking, there are three main categories for ceiling fixtures. These are:

  • Flush
  • Semi-flush
  • Hanging lamps

Of course, how you choose from these categories will depend on the style you wish to follow and the practical requirements your lighting must meet. Let’s dig deeper into the styles available…


Flush lights mount flat onto the ceiling and are perfect for rooms with limited height. They won’t invade the space, making them a popular choice for many UK homes. Though flush lights may not seem super stylish, they offer as much light as you require. And if you are seeking minimalism in your home, these will certainly complete the look!


If you seek a slightly more decorative style, you can opt for semi-flush. This lighting type is great for most rooms in the home as it offers similar qualities as flush lighting, but offers more style.

Hanging Lights

Whether it be chandeliers or pendants, hanging lights offer style and sophistication to any room. Ideal for rooms with higher ceilings, this style can be used to either light the entire room or to highlight a specific feature. While all hanging lights can be shortened to fit the required height, they do dangle. This means they might not be suitable for rooms with lower ceilings.

Choosing the best lighting style for each room

We always recommend layering your lighting, no matter what room you choose. For example, the kitchen may benefit from hanging lights above the island, but task lighting will be useful for countertops as it will offer areas of focus for food prep. Bedrooms may benefit from sconces along the walls to offer a warm glow at the end of the day, and flush lighting for getting ready in the morning.

Ceiling height

As mentioned, the height of your ceiling will help determine the type of lighting you will benefit from the most. Any ceilings under 7ft should really have flush lighting, but you could consider semi-flush lights for ceilings up to 8ft. However, make sure you check the height of the light fitting first to avoid any banged heads! Anything above 8ft can have hanging lights, but you should still check the height to be safe.

Find the perfect lighting for your home with ABM

With so many lighting products available, choosing the best ceiling light can be overwhelming. However, with expert advice from ABM, you can relax knowing you will be going home with the perfect lighting. Get in touch to find out more about our products.

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