How to plan the perfect lighting for your office

office lighting plan

When it comes to creating an office lighting plan, it is important to find the perfect balance between style and function. Though you want a work environment that is visually appealing, the lighting should also create a space that helps employees focus. Therefore, the functionality should always take priority over style. However, this does not mean to say that you cannot create stylish lighting in your office space at all. ABM is here to help you plan the perfect lighting for your office!

Plan the perfect lighting for your office: Layering

When it comes to layered lighting, experts usually refer to the implementation and formation of the three basic types of lighting throughout a room when designing the perfect office lighting plan.

General/Ambient lighting

This is your base layer and is there to provide an even level of lighting throughout the office. This will provide your employees with the perfect lighting for moving about the workplace. General lighting should not be too bright, however, as it can cause harsh shadows, squinting, and even headaches. 20 lumens per ft² should be enough. LED panels are a great way to create ambient lighting while remaining energy efficient.

Task lighting

For focused work, task lighting is key within your office lighting plan. It should be layered over ambient lighting via LED strips, as well as lamps for workstations and other areas of focus. This will help your employees work more effectively and efficiently.

Accent lighting

For additional atmosphere in the workplace, accent lighting can certainly liven up your office. Layered with wall sconces, track lighting and picture lamps, you can create a truly unique office that stands out against others.

Lighting around your co-workers

Bringing the best lighting for better focus and the ability to move through the day with ease can be done by first thinking about the environment in question. Is it a creative space? If so, warm, dim lighting helps foster creativity. However, make sure it is bright enough for your team to turn up the light whenever necessary.

What if the area requires focus? Bright white lighting, similar to daylight, helps employees focus and also allow them to sleep better at night! This is done by assisting their circadian rhythms to stay on schedule and further enhance their productivity.


Providing your office with suitable lighting is crucial for their well-being and productivity. A well-lit space that considers how space is utilised using layered lighting helps create a happy, safe work environment. For the best lighting options for your office, get in touch with ABM electrical today.

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