Using lighting to help your indoor plants grow during Winter

how to care for plants in winter is of high importance

For those with green fingers, knowing how to care for plants in winter is of high importance. Though you won’t see any results until Spring, there is plenty you can be doing to keep them alive and well.  One thing to consider is how you can use lighting to help your indoor plants grow during winter. And as we have plenty of lighting options available, we thought we would put together a quick guide to get you started!

How to tell if your plant isn’t getting enough light

With January being the coldest time of the year, your plants need as much help as they can get. It helps to know how to care for plants in winter and what certainly doesn’t help is poor lighting. While some plants do prefer low light or complete darkness, other plants may need as much light as possible. In some cases, even natural light from a window isn’t enough to keep them thriving. If you don’t know if your plants require more light, here are some signs to indicate you need to make some changes:

  • Leggy or spindly stems.
  • New growth is stunted.
  • Lower leaves are quick to die off.
  • Pale colour or lack of variegation on new growth – please note that for shade-loving plants, paleness indicates too much light.

With indoor lighting, you can supplement the natural light you do receive. This will give the plants the necessary boost for efficient photosynthesis.

Utilizing grow lamps

If your home is limited to the amount of natural light it can receive during the cold winter months, grow lamps can help with the growth process.

Using regular incandescent or halogen and fluorescent light bulbs with a high enough wattage, you can sometimes offer enough power to keep your plants healthy. However, if you feel like this isn’t enough, you may want to consider specially-designed grow lights. LED and fluorescent grow-lights specialise in full-spectrum or blue and red wavelengths. These are designed to help plants grow, blossom and thrive out of season. However, if you just want to keep them in good condition to help them thrive in spring, high-wattage LED bulbs will do.


Providing your plants with sufficient lighting is crucial for their growth. A well-lit space for your plants is ideal if you want them to thrive in spring. For the best lighting options for your plants, get in touch with ABM electrical today.

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