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What makes a truly smart home? With so many products to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. You may also wonder what needs installing and what products are needed to connect everything together for seamless smart home experience. This week, we shall dig into the smart home sector and discuss what products you may benefit from. We will cover everything you should consider that will help create the ultimate smart home.


This is probably the most in-demand smart home requirement for many homeowners. Domestic heating has come so far since the launch of domestic thermostats. Consumers can now control their heating from their mobile devices, for greater convenience and to save money.

You can find smart heating devices that come with a wide range of functions, from voice operation and app control to geolocation and motion sensors. Some products can even learn household behaviours to adapt their settings automatically.


Smart security solutions offer extra protection and peace of mind compared to traditional home security systems. As an added bonus, they’re more accessible. A comprehensive security system can be a simple home addition, with mobile devices replacing old-fashioned, clunky screens and monitoring stations. With a smart security device, you can receive alerts when there is activity at the front door, meaning you can relax knowing who is hovering nearby when you’re not around. Here you can read more on keeping your home safe and secure.


Smart electricals are both a simple and common home automation addition to many homes. They can be installed as a standalone product or as part of the integrated solution. What’s more, they’re suitable for almost any budget! Again, you can control your smart home devices via your mobile phone, allowing you to manage how much electricity is consumed and when. This is a very generic category, ranging from dimmer switches to power sockets, so have a good think about the devices that would genuinely benefit your home before filling your shopping basket!


Intelligent lighting is certainly an improvement on what it used to be. The introduction of smart, connected lamps is revolutionising the design and installation of lighting. Smart lighting isn’t just convenient, it can help lower energy bills and create a whole new living environment throughout the day. With smart lighting, you can set customisations that will set the scene in your home.

Join the dots

Finally, question how you will need to connect everything together. Everything we have previously mentioned would make for great smart home solutions. However, for a full smart home experience, you will need to introduce a central point. This is where a smart hub or virtual assistant comes in. These could be products such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google home.

Create the ultimate Smart Home with ABM Electrical

When you’re ready to make your home a little bit smarter, you can relax knowing that ABM Electrical is here to make the decision process easy. With a wide range of products available, we can talk you through the best smart home products for your way of living. Get in touch to find out more about how we can smarten up your home!

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