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Though the days are getting longer, leaving you with the opportunity to save money on electricity due to less need for lighting. However, this makes summer the perfect time to invest in new lighting in your home. The money you save from lighting in summer can be used to buy lighting products that could help you continue to save in winter! It’s also a great time to choose your lighting style that will set the tone for your home when the days begin to darken. So, we decided to look at some of the popular home lighting trends that you could consider for your home!

Industrial lighting

We have already seen ‘industrial chic’ make its way into 2019, but’s certainly not going anywhere soon. Pendant lights are perfect for those who want to bring this style into their home, with a range of metallic materials and shades that will bring an urban edge into your home. The right bulb can also add to this, such as the Calex range! Such a unique style can tie everything together and help your home truly stand out.

Natural materials

Sustainability has never been such a hot topic as it is at the moment. With this in mind, more people are incorporating natural materials such as rope and wicker into their décor. Rattan has become an extremely popular lighting material that helps to provide a comfy feel. To complement this, we suggest opting for energy-efficient bulbs and smart home tech that will give you more control over your lighting. This means there’s no excuse when you forgot to switch off a light when you leave the house!

Light is art

As mentioned, you don’t need to just stop with fixtures when it comes to lighting styles. Your bulbs can also do wonders to complement the overall aesthetic. By choosing lights that are large in size and have quirky designs, you can strip back on additional accessories around the home. We offer a wide range of bulbs that work with any home design. So, why not pop in to hear more about the products we offer?

Horizontal lighting

Horizontal lighting seems like a bold step away from your typical vertical lighting. However, it’s a wonderful choice if you want to create a new feature without the implementation of additional furniture and ornaments. Look for clean-lined pieces with exposed bulbs to really bring this style into your home.

Modern luxury

Traditional interiors have made a return this year, only this time with a twist. We’re seeing these styles make their way back in, but with updated colours and brighter finishes. For example, brass and marble have made a triumphant return. Customers are buying them so they will age and patina over time. There are many lighting options for you that will tie in with this look, so check out our products to see what you could bring to your home!

What’s your style?

If you think it’s time to add new lighting to your home, then look no further than ABM Electrical Wholesalers. With a huge selection of lighting technology, from stylish fixtures to fashionable bulbs, we can help you find the products you are looking for. Get in touch with ABM today to see how we can help!

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