Warmer Days and Energy Waste: How to save Energy this Spring

Spring is in the air! Days are getting longer; the air feels warmer and we are becoming less reliant on electricity to keep the house running. Of course, many struggle to get out of the habits we are so comfortable with in winter. So, here is a handy guide to get you out of the winter chills and save energy this spring!

Switch off the tumble dryer

As the days get warmer and longer, you should make the most of the outdoors and let your washing dry throughout the day instead of using the tumble dryer. Of course, British weather can often be temperamental. But, if you let the good weather take control of drying your clothes, you will see a huge difference in your electricity bills!

Keep an eye on your heating

Now is the best time to be smart with your heating. According to the Energy Saving Trust, over half the money spent on fuel goes towards providing heating and hot water. Being smart with your thermostat can do wonders to lower your bills. In fact, turning your thermostat down by only 1 degree at this time of year can provide a household with an average saving of £85 a year!

Or… Don’t Touch the Thermostat!

On some days, it would be hard to believe that spring has arrived. However, this doesn’t mean we should switch on the heating at the end of the day! According to a survey by the Energy Saving Trust, 52 per cent of people will turn up their thermostat if it’s cold outside. However, thermostats are meant to regulate the temperature of a property. By tuning up the heat, your home will not get warmer quicker. Instead, it just boosts the temperature without maintaining the heat. If you need to warm up quicker, grab a blanket, dressing gown or even a hot water bottle!

Insulation is key

Now is the best time to see if your home is well insulated for each day of the year. By ensuring your home is insulated properly, you can stay warm, save money and even reduce your carbon footprint! Spray foam is a high-quality insulating material that reduces heat loss by up to 92 per cent. What’s more, it helps to prevent issues such as damp and mould.

Thinking back to that thermostat, there are other things you can be doing that will insulate your property and prevent you from reaching for the heating whenever you feel chilly. Investing in the right curtains will do wonders to keep your home warm. Closing the curtains and blinds in rooms you won’t be using until the end of the day (such as your bedroom) will reduce heat loss by 14-15 per cent.

Let the sun shine

It is also worth exploring the possibility of using renewable sources of energy for your heating and electricity. By this, we mean solar power. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels soak in energy from the sun, transforming it into electricity for your home.

Switch off your devices

Now, we are all aware that leaving a television or computer on standby throughout the day can be a sneaky way to rack up the electricity bill. However, there is also a newcomer to the game! DAB radios are now used in the majority of households, with many having around 2-3. Despite their high sound quality and the wide choice of stations to listen to, they use more electricity than analogue radios. Unless you use them as an alarm, we highly suggest switching these off when they’re not in use.

Be energy efficient with ABM Electrical Wholesalers

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