Lighting for your modern country home

Finding lighting for your modern country home has never been easier thanks to the many styles and brands available. With materials and finishes such as pale metals and light woods, you can implement any modern lighting style into a traditional country kitchen. This will create a perfect blend of old and new.

Pendants and lamps

Pendants and lamps are there for layering the lighting in your home, creating a personality that suits you. With a mix of lighting options, you have the ability to create that cosy cottage vibe that suits your personal style. Consider placing lamps in the corners of your living room, and perhaps any crooked areas if you have an old, quirky cottage! As for pendant lighting, this is a great style for creating an intimate dining setting.

Natural materials

Though country homes are looking rather bright, fresh and modern these days, this doesn’t mean you cannot implement natural materials. Lighting fixtures that are made with light woods will complement any country home, adding a sense of comfort without losing style.

Dinner for 1

Even a single pendant or ceiling light can do wonders for your country home. For those working with a small space, a single oversized light is all you need to turn heads. And, if you would prefer to provide a vintage feel to your home, clustering a few together in a single space can certainly make a statement!

Nostalgic accents

Even the cosiest country homes can benefit from a bit of pizzazz! From antique crystal to weathervane designs, there are many nostalgic accents available that will add a whimsical touch. Adding a small chandelier can bring a touch of glamour that complements your cosy features beautifully!

Find the perfect lighting for your country home with ABM

At ABM Electrical Wholesale, we are proud sellers of a wide range of lighting that is suitable for any home! From modern chandeliers to vintage-inspired pendants and sconces, finding the perfect lighting for your country home has never been easier. If you would like to learn more about the range we offer, get in touch to speak with a member of our team!

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