Tips for Lighting a Dining Room with Pendant Lights

Lighting is such an essential aspect of creating the perfect dining experience in the home. Commonly used during evening hours, adding a flare of drama and intimacy can drastically transform the overall atmosphere. Pendant lighting is a great way to help set the mood. Here are some tips for lighting a dining room with pendant lights to bring you and your family the best dining experience possible.

Lighting a dining room with pendant lights: Focus on the table

When dining with friends and family, you want to bring everyone together into one space. This is why it’s important to bring focus to the dining table as it will draw people to sit down. Chandeliers or low hanging pendants are a great way to do this.

Use a single large pendant light over a small dining table

Of course, it’s important that you scale your lighting to match the space you have. If you have a small dining table, you don’t want to go overboard with too many pendant lights. Instead, opt for one that is perhaps larger than the size of one you would find within a group.

Odd numbers

If you have a long table, a series of pendant lights in a row would work wonders. Odd numbers always work best, so consider installing either three or five for the best results.

Pendant lights for open plan spaces

In an open plan living space or kitchen-dinner, a large pendant light is perfect for splitting off the dining table. It simply helps to break the room apart so you can clearly see which area is for cooking or relaxing, and which one is for enjoying a good meal.

Dimmers set the mood

Eating earlier on in the day usually calls for as much light as possible. However, when it’s time to unwind with a hearty meal (and maybe a glass wine) you will likely want to change the mood. This is where a dimmer comes in handy. It can transform the overall feel of a room with just a simple turn. We also suggest looking for a low-level warm light for evening entertainment. It helps create an intimate atmosphere and is quite flattering.

Make a statement

Due to the specific needs of the lighting for your dining table, you have the chance to do something dramatic! We don’t mean you should flash the cash on a diamond chandelier, but style is something certainly worth bringing into the equation. Why not speak to the team at ABM Electrical Wholesalers? We have a wide range of designs for every style and budget.

Layering light

Some days you may not want a glaring light. However, on other days, you may need the room to be completely bright. This problem can easily be solved with layered lighting. Multiple light sources allow you to have a dining room that comes with many options. Think about what lighting options would be best for your way of living and go from there.

Find the best lighting for your dining room with ABM Electrical Wholesalers Ltd

When you think it’s time to change the lighting in your home, look no further than ABM to find you the perfect products. No matter your budget, we can find the lighting solution for whatever your home may need. Get in touch to find out more.

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