Proposed Changes in the 18th Edition: Cable Fixes

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We seem to be receiving the same string of questions regarding the new 18th Edition. One, in particular, is whether metal fixings must be used throughout installation when the 18th Edition comes into play. Here, we explain exactly what you need to know.

The Purpose of the 18th Edition

The new regulation that has been proposed, furthers the need to avoid the risk of predicament from an escape route to all areas. 521.10.202, the new proposed regulation, does not only apply to cables in escape routes. It also applies to any cable that has the potential to prematurely collapse. A premature collapse could happen for many reasons. However, the most typical cause of failings in plastic fixings is heat from the fire.

Where do we Apply the Proposed Changes?

This means that only wiring systems that could collapse prior to the arrival of rescue services will need to be fixed with new fixings. These fixings should not collapse prematurely. So, cables on cable trays, ladder racks, or cables with conduit and metallic trunking systems would have no need for special consideration.

However, any cable that is clipped to a wall will require a risk-free fixing. This also applies cables inside plastic trunking that can ‘pop open’ when heat builds up. Wiring systems will also need to be secured with something to prevent cables from falling down in the event of a fire. There are many options available for this, including metal fixings. Of course, any wiring systems within the fabric of the building would not be liable to prematurely collapse. In this circumstance, you would not need to comply with this requirement.

Be ready for the 18th Edition

This information is extremely important to take on board as it is not put into enough practice. With the 18th Edition around the corner (January 2019), it is mandatory that all new installations must comply. If there is a fire and the installer has not followed these guidelines, they will be held accountable for the consequences.

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