Going Smart in 2019

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Smart home technology in the UK is getting more and more popular each day. Thanks to developments such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home Hub, everyone wants to make their home as smart as possible. From bathroom appliances to high-tech security systems, smart tech is becoming a huge part of our everyday lives.

New Tech for Going Smart in 2019

But what are we to expect this year? So many of us are wanting to use the new year as a way to start fresh with our home tech. With that in mind, we have had a look at some upcoming products to keep an eye on this year.

Tetra Countertop Dishwasher

This connected dishwasher rests nicely on a kitchen countertop. It uses its own water reservoir to clean dishes faster while using less power, even in the smallest of flats. It’s such an innovation in technology that it has been chosen for a CES 2019 ‘Best of Innovation Award’ at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Unlike every other dishwasher out there, there is no need for a plumbing system. Simply fill the tray with half a gallon of water and let it do its job. It uses 80 per cent less water and electricity than your average dishwasher and takes only 10 minutes to complete a wash cycle.

Alexa Hunches

In late 2018, it was predicted that the Amazon Echo smart speakers could become so intelligent that they could predict the future, or at least develop “hunches” about what to do next. So, if you go to bed and say “good night” to Alexa, she could mention that you have still left the heating and some lights on and that you should switch them off.

You will be able to discover if Alexa has any ideas about the things you may have forgotten by saying “Alexa, do you have any hunches?” This new feature will be connected to devices such as plugs, lights, locks and switches. This new service is expected to arrive sometime this year.

Klevio Keyless Entry System

This smart intercom system will allow users to open their doors remotely via an app, available on iOS and Android. It will also issue one-time “keys” to visitors such as couriers. It is ideal for those who own an Airbnb or those who have regular visitors. Unlike the majority of smart locks, it works with existing electric strike locks and intercom systems. This means that it could be a wonderful solution for those who live in flats.

Deep Sentinel Security System

This hi-tech security system brings together both AI and human intervention with a rapid alarm system. This system is designed in conjunction with police experts with the intention of preventing burglaries. The system uses smart cameras, motion sensors and an AI processing hub to detect and identify potential burglars surrounding the property.

Once a burglar has been detected, the system sets off a strobing red light on each camera. It will then send alerts to a manned response centre. Those in the response centre can speak through a loudspeaker and inform the burglar that they have been spotted.

Den Smart Switches

Tech will change the way we view lighting! London-based start-up Den is making waves with their range of ‘smart’ switches, designed to warn homeowners if they have left the iron on. The Den system has voice command by Alexa built in and lets users switch any appliance or light on and off from anywhere. You can track which appliances are using the most energy by placing a tag on a device and it will be tracked wherever it may be.

‘Clan’ Sensors

Your basic ‘dumb’ sensor can be easily transformed throughout 2019, all thanks to cheap sensors. Tuya Smart has partnered with British start-up time2, to launch a range of cheap ‘smart’ objects. All of these can be controlled through one simple app. This range will expand to include things such as flood sensors, door and window sensors, smoke detectors and video doorbell. The company promises that the entire range will be compatible with Alexa for voice control.

Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

With so much innovation making its way into our commercial and domestic properties, it pays to turn to the right supplier for your tech needs. Get in touch with ABM electrical to see what we have in store for you!

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