ABM Electrical is Proud to Sell Rolec Car Chargers in Stockport

That’s right! For those who may be unaware, we now stock Rolec car chargers for both commercial and home environments. The demand for electric cars is on the rise but has a way to keep them running is not as available. Here at ABM, we want to encourage eco-friendly changes to how we build and develop any facility. This is why we are making our establishment your go-to shop for your car charger needs.

Rolec Car Chargers in Stockport for Commercial Use

Rolec EV manufactures a variety of EV charging points. These have been specially designed for commercial locations, whether it be restaurants, offices, factories, car parks or more. We are proud to stock all products in this range. Below are the available products, all suited for your budget and requirements.

Wall Pod

A cost-efficient, entry-level EV charging unit. This is designed to offer full Mode 3 fast charging to every EV on the market. It has been specifically designed for charging in commercial locations and is available in J1772 or IEC 62196 tethered cable or IEC 62196 socket versions. It is also available in IEC 62196 Super-Fast tethered lead and socket versions.


A robust EV charging wall unit designed for exposed locations. This unit charges via IEC 60196 (Type 2) Mode 3 charging sockets that can be locked away when not in use. This product would be ideal for hotels, car parks, hotels and other commercial premises. We also offer this product with a pay-to-charge solution via a coin or token payment system.

Basic Charge

This is believed to be the most affordable and adaptable EV charging pedestal in the world. It offers either 1 or 2way IEC 60196 Type 2 and Mode 3 fast charging sockets. It also offers c/w hatch-lock, built-in overload and fault current protection. It is available as a Super-Fast unit in a 1way or 2way IEC 62196 version offering 3 phase charging.

Auto Charge

This hard -pedestal is designed for commercial environments. It is available in either in a variety of formats. It is also available with a pay as you go system, operated by either coins or tokens.

Quantum EV Pedestal

This new product offers a blend of flair, quality and value that has not yet been seen in the industry. Quantum has been designed specifically for the range of versatile charging solutions for the workplace, commercial and public locations. Key features include a robust anodised aluminium structure, energy efficient LED amenity lighting and smart integration capability. You can also add bespoke colour schemes and corporate branding!

EV Street Charge

This is designed to charge both electric vehicles and street lighting from the same column. It’s perfect for both private and public-facing solutions. It can be supplied as a whole column or an upgrade kit to existing street lights.

EV Control Centre

This is designed to centrally manage localising multiple EV charging points from a single control panel. It allows up to 18 EV charging points to be managed from one centre. It is also available with a pay as you go system similar to a car park ticket machine.

EV Charging Points for the Home

These products offer low-cost EV charging points for the home from Europe’s largest range. With over 95,000 charging points already manufactured and supplied, you can relax knowing that you are purchasing a tried and tested product. It is already extremely popular with a large number of EV drivers.

Wall Pod EV Ready

This unit is a low-cost, future-proof solution for the home. It provides EV charging in Mode 2, which can be upgraded to full Mode 3, to satisfy planning. What’s more, it doubles up as an outdoor IP65 rated domestic 13amp maintenance socket.

Wall Pod EV

This is a low-cost, entry-level charging unit, designed to offer full Mode 3 fast charging to every EV on the market. It is available in either J1772 or IEC 62196 tethered cable or IEC 62196 socket, versions. OLEV approved and our most popular domestic EV charging unit.

WallPod EV Multi-mode

This product comprises entry-level home charging units that are designed to offer full Mode 3, 16amp or 32amp, fast charging to all-electric vehicles. It also offers an EP65 rated 13amp domestic socket, ideal for home or garden maintenance. It is also available in either j1772 or IEC 62196 tethered cable versions.

WallPod EV Home Smart

This system can monitor and record all EV charging activity and history at a given property. It can communicate with the Power Portal back office via GPRS or WiFi to relay this information to a third-party. This can then be used for reporting, analysing and preparing statistics. The EV Driver can switch the charging point on and off, monitoring their account and kWh consumption via their smartphone. It comes complete with a built-in modem, Mode3 controller, MID approved kWh meter, protective switchgear, electrical contact and GPRS signal antennae if needed.

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