Bedroom Lighting: How to Light a Modern Bedroom

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Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is probably the one that is used most during darker hours. So, getting the lighting design right is essential to making it a welcoming and relaxing place to be. This week, we have put together a handy lighting guide that will ensure you light your bedroom the correct way for your way of living.

Layering light in your bedroom

Knowing how you should layer your lighting is the key for optimal lighting design in the bedroom. This means you need to find the right balance between ambience, accent and task lighting. By finding the perfect balance, you will be able to provide the right kind of lighting for any mood with a simple flick of a switch.


When thinking of the ambience in your bedroom, you have to think about the room’s many purposes. In the day, you may want to let natural light do its job, which means creating a room that allows light to bounce. In terms of artificial lighting, however, you have to consider things such as ceiling lights and sconces. Think about the kind of lighting you would like when the evening arrives and it’s time to unwind, as well as the essential lighting you need for practical reasons.

Task lighting

Speaking of practicalities, what about the activities that require more focus, such as reading or applying makeup? This is when you need to start thinking about task lighting. Consider bedside table lamps, low hanging pendants, or even spotlighting above dressers! Bedroom task lighting can take any form but must offer the required lighting for specific areas of concentration.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is typically meant to draw your eyes to features such as artwork. For the bedroom, however, accent lighting can help create a warm glow around the room, forming a cosy atmosphere. Wall sconces or tape lights are a few ways to use accent lighting for a relaxing environment.


When it comes to dimmers, you have to make sure you choose the right one. If it’s the only bright light source, you need to be able to transition to night-mode with ease. Not only do dimmer allow you to add more to the room’s environment, but they’re multifunctional.

Choosing the right bulbs


As you layer your bedroom lighting, you must also think about the type of bulb you will use for each fixture. For example, you will likely want a bright ceiling light, but for your lamps, you may want to think about bulbs that offer a soft, warm glow.


Speaking of warm tones, you need to think about the colour of your bulbs. The colour of your bulb plays an important role in supporting specific activities. Cold tones often keep people alert and awake, whereas warm shades are better for helping you to unwind at the end of the day. This is something you should seriously think about when considering each individual light’s purpose.

Find the right lighting and bulbs with ABM

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