Choosing the right Water Heating Products

By finding the right water heating solutions for domestic or commercial spaces, you will see a huge difference in terms of efficiency and the money you save. To help break things down and narrow down your options, we have a list of the most popular types of water heaters.

Vented Water Heaters

Vented water heaters are easy to install and are a more economical option. What’s more, they only need a cold-water feed and mains electricity to run. This is usually an option for those who have limited hot water storage nearby. Vented water heaters do not require expansion vessels or pressure relief valves. They connect directly to the cold-water supply, heating and storing cold water whenever needed.

Vented water heaters can be used in any environment, but are better suited for workplaces, offices, factories and more. They can be fitted either over or under the sink. If installing under, you will need to also invest in special vented taps.

Unvented water heaters

These are best suited for situations where you need more than one outlet or multi-sink capability. They operate on a pressurised system that is fed directly from the cold mains water feed. It can bring hot water at high pressure and significantly improve the performance of showers and baths. Unvented water heaters can greatly benefit premises that lack a central hot water system.

These types of heaters allow you to enjoy high-flow rates and a balanced supply of hot and cold water. Unvented water heaters come with a range of safety mechanisms, including twin thermostats and pressure relief valves.

Instantaneous water heaters

These are also quite an economical option. However, unlike vented and unvented water heaters, they heat on demand. Therefore, they only need a cold-water feed. They deliver hot water as and when you needed and are quite energy efficient. They come in a range of kW ratings depending on the requirements for the property.

Boiling water points

If you’re in search of a kettle alternative, boiling water points are a great solution. Providing multiple cups at a time, boiling water units save energy as they use only the water that is required. They can be used in any commercial environment but are becoming even more popular in homes as well.

Find the right water heating products with ABM

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